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LEARN TO SING : How to Breathe for Better Singing

Hello guys! Welcome to my blog about singing and music in general from my own experiences of observing my students in singing classes. Today I'd like to share my tips about breathing for better singing

Breathing is the first thing I would teach my students because it is a foundation of singing and I do believe in a good solid foundation to help creating better technique. Especially if you find yourself having trouble with controlling your voice.

Correct Posture for Breathing

  1. It's better to stand with a straight back. Your feet parallel and hip-width apart. Relax your upper body. Look straight ahead. Make sure your head is in alignment with your neck (imagine a string is pulling your head up).

  2. Start breathing in through your mouth or nose or both then hold it a bit. Make sure your chest doesn't move when inhaling. Only your lower stomach that does move outward.

  3. After holding your breath a little bit, start singing like you normally do. Yes! you understand it correctly. You're breathing out through the words you sing.

Breathing Exercise

  1. After you check if you're in a good and correct posture for breathing (please read above), put one hand on your belly button. Breathe in deeply but silently through your mouth or nose or both with correct posture.* SINGING TIPS Keep in mind that sometimes you need to practice a short but good breath because you don't always have time to slowly breathing in in a song.

  2. As you're breathing in, there should be no sound (silent breathing). Your lower stomach moves outward (abdominal breathing, low breathing). If you hear loud breathing sound, check if you're dropping your jaw low enough or if your tongue is flat enough or if your chest moves (it shouldn't) Breathing in loud will make your throat feels dry and sometimes your saliva might accidentally go down your throat and will make you cough.

  3. After inhaling, hold your breath a little bit and also freeze your internal organ as if you were still breathing in (you can't "freeze" it but just imagine) Don't relax just yet!

  4. Breathe out through your mouth with an "s" sound. Notice if your "s" is strong and air is blown out too strong, you will run out of air quickly. This "s" is like when you sing so if you want to hold breath in a sentence a bit longer, don't blow air through your mouth too much. Check easily with your palm near your mouth. See if you can feel strong air being blown as you sing or not. Stylistically you may sound nice, but you'll lose breath quickly which is something you need to weigh.

  5. This is 1 set. Repeat 5-10 sets daily. You will get used to it.

  6. Some people can understand the abdominal breathing better when they practice lying down on their back. If you're one of them, my advice is for you to put a big book on your lower stomach around your belly button when you're lying down. Make sure your stomach is pushed upwards as you're inhaling resulting in your book is lifted up. Your back is sinked towards the ground during the practice. Try to observe your body and then try to do the same thing standing up.

Enjoy the practice. Let me know if it helps you with your singing!

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