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Nature of Singing


We were born with the ability to sing. Singing is the ability to copy sounds. We see children imitate the sound of animals with ease no matter how strange those sounds are. This shows a control of the vocal folds we've always had. Sadly, some of us forget that joyful experience once we grow up


Singing is also very much like sports. Repetitions will better your skill. With the help of science in this modern age, singing becomes even more natural than you think.


Singing is a physical coordination between the singer's stable larynx and vocal folds adduction that will  maximize your vocal abilities in any style of singing. Your voice can go smoothly through any vocal transitions resulting in beautiful , powerful vocal production. No more cracks, breaks, or losing strengths that we all fear.

Train your voice with a good technique like IVA of vocaladvancement institute will really help you. IVA is derived from Bel Canto which specifically train your muscle involved with singing. (To learn more about IVA please visit


You will find that ,once again, you can gain back a control of your own voice and will be amazed at what your own voice can do. Octave28 will help you explore and we aim to bring out  your best version of your singing voice.

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